Children from La Rioja choose Leo Messi, Fernando Simón and Katy Perry as bosses

Children from La Rioja choose Leo Messi, Fernando Simón and Katy Perry as bosses

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Fernando Simón breaks into the ranking with third and second place for boys and girls, respectively. Boys continue to bet on athletes like Rafa Nadal (7.5 percent) and girls from La Rioja for singers like Rosalía (8.7 percent).

On the other hand, boys and girls in La Rioja dream of being doctors (23.4 percent in both sexes). The profession of soccer player (23.6 percent of boys), that of teacher (19.1 percent of girls), that of hairdresser (13.2 percent of girls) or that of Police (12.1 percent of boys) Journalism breaks into the top 10 of boys for the first time with 3 percent who would like to dedicate themselves to it.

61 percent of children from La Rioja argue that, between staying at home next year and going back to school for the new year, they prefer the second option. 10 percent are undecided and would not know whether to choose classes from home or classes and recess with friends.

Doctors are the professionals most valued by the children of our community during the pandemic (53 percent), followed by teachers (19 percent), state security forces (11 percent), and workers in the food / distribution sector (9 percent).

For their part, La Rioja girls also place doctors in the top 1 of the most important professionals during the pandemic, with 56 percent of the votes. It is followed by teachers, with 21 percent of the vote, and workers in the food / distribution sector (14 percent).

7 out of 10 children from La Rioja claim to have been very happy with the option that their parents were always at home during the state of alarm. Although yes, when it comes to doing their homework, 52 percent of those surveyed explain that their mothers have helped them the most with their homework, 17 percent say that their parents and 31 percent defend that both equally.

Young people from La Rioja have also had proposals for the Government in order to avoid returning to the confinement situation of March: betting on the use of masks (19.8 percent), carrying out more tests to detect the virus (17.2 percent). percent), or improving the conditions of the toilets (13.9 percent) are their priorities.

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