“They gave me only two days to choose”

Vinícius celebrates a goal with Real Madrid.

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Vinicius is one of the great future bets of the Real MadridBut their destination could have been on the other side of the airlift The brazilian was also claimed by FC Barcelona, to the point that it was the subject of a ‘war’ between the white and culé representatives in Brazil, when he was still a soccer player Flamengo.

“I had proposals from both and they gave me only two days to choose, “he recounts on the Real Madrid TV program ‘Campo de Estrellas’. For a boy who was barely 17 years old, it was quite a decision, which he made jointly with his family of course. It could be otherwise. “We spoke with him and he told us he wanted to go to Real Madrid,” says his representative. Ulysses Paixao, in an ending that was already known.

In the documentary program, Vinícius talks about more extra-football issues, such as the town where he grew up. “Sao Gonçalo is a very dangerous place. There is a lot of violence and a lot of poverty“He and his agent admit. It was there that he took refuge in football and where he learned to be a footballer.

“When I took him to the street I realized that he had a lot of control of the ball for a small child, he would not let go,” recalls his father, who had to leave his family to go to a better job and pay for his training at the school of the Flamengo. “My father went to work in Sao Paulo so that I would have money to train and play soccer”, thanks a Vinícius who promises to play “many more years” at Real Madrid.

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