Historical ridiculous of Barça against a Bayern that put him a 2-8

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He FC Barcelona it has suffered the worst defeat in its history, in any competition. He Bayern He endorsed a 2-8 that is already a Champions League legend and that ends the culé project.

The start of the game was frantic. After a good play of Sergi Roberto which culminated in a pass to Luis Suarez on the penalty spot, which Boateng cleared, Bayern made it 0-1 on their first arrival. Thomas muller, who became the German with the most matches in the Champions League (113) in this match, converted the first German arrival into the first goal of the match. It was minute 3, and it was difficult for Barça … but fortune smiled at them.

Praise tried to clear a good center of Jordi Alba… with such bad luck for him (and good for the rival) that it became a perfect parable to the squad he could not reach New. Minute 7 of the game and there were already two goals scored. And even in the next play, Barça sent a shot to the post.

The Bayern players scored after three minutes.

In a constant round trip, Bayern went ahead again after taking advantage of another failure behind Barça. Sergi Roberto fumbled on a relatively easy assignment, and Gnabry received the ball to stand before Ter Stegen and shoot him. Moments before, Messi had tested Neuer with a shot that the German goalkeeper stopped without problems.

With 1-2 on the scoreboard before half an hour, Bayern’s hunger was not satisfied … nor the clamorous errors of Barça’s defense. Lenglet and Piqué saw how Gnabry yielded to Perisic to do 1-3 … then 1-4 again Müller. The ridicule of Barça painted historical, and had not yet reached half an hour … nor had it appeared Lewandowski. The blaugrana were almost grateful to go to rest.

Setién rectified his initial decision and removed Antoine Griezmann by Sergi Roberto for the second half of the game, but the problem was not there. Or not just there. In fact, Bayern again beat Ter Stegen but the referee annulled the goal for offside. The Barça defense was still trying to react when Skomina whistled.

Piqué fights for a ball with Serge Gnabry.

Barça did not give up. Luis Suárez pulled with a claw and with a great personal play, cut included, to make it 2-4 (the first goal away from home in the Champions League in five years), but the inertia lasted just enough. Davies a personal move was made by his band of the kind that are repeated over and over again, and after leaving Semedo, yielded to Kimmich to make 2-5.

Bayern’s anthological bathroom, one of those that change an era, could still be more. EatAs soon as he left, he touched 2-6 and Setién’s solution was to remove Busquets to put Ansu fati.

Leo Messi, during the Barcelona-Bayern

The party wasn’t complete if I didn’t show up Lewandowski, and the Pole (after reviewing the VAR for possible offside) made it 2-6 to put the finishing touch and the penultimate nail to Setién’s future as coach.

It was not the last: that honor, flavored with revenge, was Philippe Coutinho, the footballer that Barça sent to Germany, made a double to close the strongest defeat in the history of the culé team.

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