Barça will have to pay another 5 million to Liverpool if Coutinho wins the Champions League with Bayern

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The ridicule of Barcelona in Lisbon not only suggests a clear end of the cycle, but it can still be even more expensive economically for the coffers of the Blaugrana club. The fault lies with a player who rejected the culé sports management and who took full revenge in the historic 2-8 win endorsed by Bayern Munich.

Philippe Coutinho He is a Barça footballer, but is on loan to the Bavarian team. The Brazilian had no place in the team Ernesto Valverde (Setién was still unemployed when his departure was decided), but in his contract he has a clause whereby the 140 million who paid would add 5 more if he won the Champions League.

In said section did not specify with what team, given that it was assumed that Coutinho was going to play for Barça and not for another team candidate for the title, so the Culé team accepted the possibility of spending 5 million more, since that, in theory, would mean that they had won the European Cup.

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If Bayern won the Champions League, it would be confirmed that it has been one of the most ruinous signings (at the moment) of the history of Barcelona. Coutinho, to make matters worse, was the protagonist in the few minutes in which he participated in 2-8: gave an assist goal to Lewandowski, who scored the sixth, and rounded off the win with the last two goals. At least he had the detail of not celebrating it effusively, out of respect for his former colleagues.

When this season ends, Barça’s sports management (or what remains of it) will have to decide what to do with Coutinho, since at Bayern, far from losing value, he has won it. In the market context that post-pandemic football is going to move they have very difficult to recover those 140 million if they decide to sell So they will have to agree with Setién’s replacement, who will not continue, if it is worth recovering the Brazilian or not.

  • The players suffered the wrath of the Barcelona fans.

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