its greatest presence was in the central circle

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The scandalous win by Bayern Munich to the FC Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Champions League still giving something to talk about, after it went viral heat map of the azulgrana forward Luis Suarez, whose main area of ​​prominence was in the central circle.

These types of maps are made with the images captured by the cameras. Some images that are processed and interpreted by a computer system so that the viewer can know the incidence of a certain player at the match.

That is, a heat map provides information on how the players move during the 90 minutes and his influence on the game based on passes, shots, etc.

That is why the heat map of Luis Suarez before him Bayern reflected its scarce prominence, since the area of ​​greatest incidence was in the central circle. And it was the point from which Suarez made 9 of the 24 passes that he gave during the game.

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Indeed, it is about the times that Luis Suárez had to take out of center. Starting at the moment of the initial beep, since the South American touched the first ball of the match, and followed by the 8 times he had to pull outr after every Bayern goal.

Luis Suárez had a clear chance at the start of the game and, moreover, after the break scored the 2-4 that shortened distances. However, the map reflects the little role of the ram during a meeting in which the German team had no mercy and endorsed a humiliating historic win against Barça.

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