“We played against the youth team and I scored two goals”

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Philippe Coutinho was one of the protagonists of the historical defeat of FC Barcelona in front of Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. A leading role that spread on social media when several users remembered a tweet from 2011 and they made it viral after the Lisbon debacle.

The attacker was one of the Barça star signings in 2018, but far from curdling in the Barça club it was loaned this course to Bayern. That is why before and during the Champions League match many focuses were on the South American, which came off the bench in the 75th minute replacing Gnabry.

Of course, Coutinho had two occasions and neither of the two failed, closing the scandalous win by the German team to the team that owns it, after paying more than 120 million euros to Liverpool.

Those two goals made the footballer turn viral after the match or, rather, a publication of his on social networks made in September 2011. And in that tweet the Brazilian explains that that day he had played against the youth team and that he had scored two goals, which in the current context suggests that Barça is the youth team.

“Hello. Today we played a game against the junior team. I scored two goals. Now I am at home watching a movie. Goodbye, “reads the full message posted on September 4, 2011.


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