Barcelona fires Abidal as technical secretary

Messi laments after one of Bayern's goals.

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FC Barcelona has announced the termination of the contract for Eric Abidal as technical secretary of the club immediately. French is the second name that falls after the Lisbon debacle against Bayern, which has been a revolution in the club and responds to the request of the heavyweights of the locker room, starting with Leo messi, to make profound changes.

The notice, concise and with mere formalities, does not specify amounts or reasons: “FC Barcelona and Éric Abidal have reached an agreement for the termination of the contract that bound both parties. The Club publicly expresses its gratitude to Éric Abidal for the professionalism, commitment, dedication and treatment positive and close that he has always shown towards all the estates that make up the Barça family, and wishes him luck and success in the future “.

Messi did not hide his disappointment after losing against Atlético.

Messi gets rid of one of his ‘enemies’ within the club. The Argentine and the French had had a serious clash in January, during the last days of Ernesto Valverde, when the captain accused the technical secretary of not having stood up for them and having talked too much. Also, his was the bet to hire the Cantabrian coach, something that the dressing room did not take at all well.

Abidal, blamed along with Bartomeu for the bad sporting situation of the club, becomes the fourth technical secretary who does not end his contract with Barcelona under the mandate of the current president. Before him, Andoni Zubizarreta, Robert Fernández and Pep Segura they occupied a seat that has been turned into a real hot seat.

Abidal has been in office for just over two years, since he was signed in June 2018.

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