LaLiga greats lose strength in the Spanish team

Luis Enrique, with mask

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Much has happened since the last call for the Spanish team, nine months after the former coach, Robert Moreno, did it last month of November. The three months of confinement, he LaLiga final and almost all the Champions League They have greatly altered the coach’s intentions for the friendlies that Spain will play in the first week of September.

For that reason, Luis Enrique He has wanted reward those players who finished the season in better shape giving rise to a list with many new features, but above all a lot of representation of different teams in the selection. Thus, equipment with a lower profile such as Leganes or the Wolverhampton will be present at ‘La Roja’.

However, regardless of how good the end of the season have been signed by players such as Ferran Torres, Eric García or Óscar Garcia, the Asturian’s intentions are to make a profound renewal of the squad and dynamics within the national team. In fact, 16 of the 24 summoned by the coach are 25 years old or younger.

Although this is great news for Spanish grassroots football, showing the great prospects that the ‘La Roja’ quarry has, denotes a lack of quality in the generation who are in what, in theory, should be the best years of their career, between 27 and 32 years.

“16 of the 24 summoned by the coach are 25 years old or less”

It is also largely an expression of the globalization of the two greats of our football, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​who have only contributed to this list six players between them, four whites and two azulgranas. In fact, players like Jordi Alba, Isco, Saúl or Koke, regulars of the national team, have not been included in the announcement of Luis Enrique “if the Eurocopa began tomorrow”. What’s more, Atlético has not called a single player despite Marcos Llorente’s great season finale.

Luis Enrique, during the press conference

A call and a change in the trend that can be seen in European competitions, where although teams one notch below of the big three of LaLiga are signing good performancesLike Sevilla, neither Real Madrid, nor Barcelona, ​​nor Atlético dominate as they did a few years ago.

And this is being demonstrated in the national team, where instead of having up to six or seven footballers from these teams, completing with some who played in Champions or Europa League teams, the 24 summoned are divided into up to 14 teams, where even descended teams have representatives. A new era in Spanish football begins.

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