The day that Koeman was tempted by the PSC to help Pasqual Maragall to revalidate the mayor of Barcelona

Ronald Koeman, introduced as Barça coach.

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For the new generations, Ronald Koeman was the player who scored the goal of the first European Cup of the FC Barcelona and that now he takes charge of the team, but for those who lived that game against SampdoriaToday, the culé coach was a legend that transcended the merely footballing.

Such was his projection off the field that he was even proposed to get into politics. The story, recovered by Eurosport, takes place in 1995. Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team He was facing his final stretch, and with him, the rout in which Koeman was also was going to take place. In that context, Pasqual Maragall I was trying revalidate the city hall of Barcelona, but the effervescence of the 1992 Olympic Games had ended and it was not clear to him. He needed a hit.

His ingenious solution was to try to attract the one who was one of the idols of the city at that time, at least the Barcelona fans. Maragall and Koeman got to meet to tempt the Dutch to join the PSC lists for the 1995 municipal elections, even if only in a testimonial way. The objective of the then mayor was get the Wembley hero photo next to you to attract voters.

Messi laments after one of Bayern's goals.

Koeman’s pumpkins were immediate, but news of the meeting spread. The defender’s anger was enormous, and he even had to go out to explain the situation in an interview with Mundo Deportivo in which he accused Maragall of using him. “The mayor suggested that I be part of his list and appear in the photographs, but I told him that I am a Barcelona player and that I had no interest in getting involved in politics, because it is a subject I have no idea about. Besides, neither I have no interest in entering any candidacy. It is not my job. I just want to focus on football matches and I don’t want him to use me“he complained.” In a way, I have felt used by Maragall, “he said.

“I have felt used by Maragall”

In the same interview, Koeman ended up revealing his political ‘colors’ and could not be further from what the Socialist Party of Catalonia represented at that time. “I haven’t voted in Holland for a long time, but I’ve never been a socialist. I’ve always been on the right“he admitted.

Not only did he not intend to associate with Maragall, but Koeman was good friends with the Popular Party candidate, Enric Lacalle, that years later he was a culé manager.

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