“There will be some positive in coronavirus, I am sure”

Luis Enrique, with mask

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Luis Enrique gave his first press conference in more than a year, after a list full of news, up to six, and some notable absences, such as that of the Spanish top scorer Gerard Moreno or in Atlético player.

The Asturian coach remained firm in his ideas, and was excited about the new arrivals. Due to his past as a Barça coach, he also analyzed the situation they are going through and the arrival of Koeman to the culé bench.

The 24 of the Euro

“If the European Championship started tomorrow, these would be the 24 players selected. I really want to meet with the players, staff and assistants. It was already a very special moment when the Federation called me, and now is an opportunity to recover a project that I left open”.

Barça crisis

“It is something that happens to all the greats. At Barça it is a decade that has won many titles, and it happens to everyone. Barça will recover and win titles again. When? I can not say it“.

Absence of Gerard Moreno, Spanish top scorer

Luis Enrique rejuvenates the Spanish team with a full list of novelties

“I will not talk about absences or specific names, but I am going to send you a message: not all of them fit me, I would have called 30. I would have taken several from PSG, Gerard himself, Ceballos … The 24 that I bring are the best for these games, I firmly believe that. I don’t look at the statistics, age, team he belongs to … We are talking about intensive monitoring of the 58 players on that great list and we know what we want. We have enough goal, everyone at the top can change position and everyone will reach a goal, I am convinced of that.

“I don’t look at the statistics, age, team he belongs to …”

I have said that this would be the list of the Eurocup, but it is a reversible list and it will depend on the performance of the players: if there is one who breaks it in the list, they will enter. Of those absent, there are some like Marcos Llorente who are in the preliminary list. There are a number of players, about 10, who could be on the list. Gerard Moreno, for example: Villarreal has had a great season, but those who are here I think will contribute more. I really like Gerard Moreno “.

Fewer training sessions for Real Madrid players

“I have not received any calls from any player who does not want to be, we will call them to let them know that they have to train before the 31st, but it is rare at this level that they do not have a personal trainer or they gain weight. Still, Rafel Pol he will get in touch with all the players to convey the training pattern and what is necessary for their good performance. It happens to all players, also Germans, Ukrainians … FIFA dates are to be respected. The illusion to come to the national team makes little of these setbacks. I went to train with my team as soon as I finished a World Cup, and I was so happy. I think everyone is excited to come, but if there is someone who doesn’t want to, tell me. “

Ansu Fati and Messi celebrate a goal against Levante.

Ansu fati

“With Ansu it’s very easy, I know him perfectly from playing where he plays. He has played little, but when he has played he has excellent numbers. I think only Messi has a better goal / minute ratio. It is present and I want to see it. It is different to see her on a team than to have her train. He is going to be a very important player. “

Arrival of Koeman to Barcelona

“Koeman left when the preseason started. I know him as a rival. He has a clearly Dutch idea: similar to Barça, with the ball, with a taste for young people … But we know what it is to coach a big team.”

  • Ronald Koeman, introduced as Barça coach.

Positive of coronavirus in the selection

“It could be. We are prepared, and in fact almost all the clubs when they have started have had one. Those 10 that I have said, but they could be more, they are prepared just in case. I think it will happen to us and it will happen to all of them. the selections, some positive case will be “.

Importance of veterans

“I would like to talk about transition, but I do not believe them. Here there is maximum performance, and there are young people who can give it from the first game. Here we come to perform, not to harden. You have to play well against Germany and try to beat Germany . Veterans I hope they don’t do anything I haven’t seen them do. There are people who can lead by word of mouth, but those who have more matches in the national team do it by example: how they behave, how they compete, how they train … Everyone is going to do it because they have it in their DNA “

Barça situation and effect on the national team

“The players of the big teams are used to being up, then down … They are used to it. To play in a big team you have to have broad and strong shoulders. I hope and hope that it does not affect the national team and if you have to be more affectionate with someone who has been through a situation, we will “.

The FC Barcelona star is considering leaving the club of his life.

Messi’s future

“Only one person can answer that question and that is Messi”

Nobody from Atleti

“I do not look at which club they belong to, their age or if they are tall, handsome or ugly. It is not the objective of the list. There are the 24 that I consider the best”


“He has taken a step forward since he was at Espanyol. He does not have to, because he has already taken it. The 24 must take a step forward, the one who is 17, the one who is 19 and the one who is 32. This is how teams are formed. There is a group objective as a national team and we all have it. It is not that the inks are going to be overloaded on some and on others. I want to see things that I have seen in their clubs and that they improve and repeat here in the selection.

Marco Asensio celebrates a goal.

By Asensio I have seen myself until your report in the confinement. You can see there more mature, more aware and with more positive behaviors in the field. Sometimes life gives you lessons and teaches you, even if they are negative things. “


“I know him perfectly. I have had no doubt that he has to be on the list. It is evident that when a club like Barça suffers, all its players suffer. Valencia, Atlético, Madrid … when a club rises They all suffer. There are messages that some players transmit in this situation, which are seen in non-verbal language. In the case of Busquets it is clear. Always give your level, and I’m delighted. “

Eric Garcia

“We know him very well, he is only 19 years old and in the lower ranks he has already led, both on the field and outside. He plays for a team with a style similar to that of the national team, or as I would like it to be. Very intelligent, with good ball output, very good at a tactical level … We call him for his level, not because there are casualties or because he has to supply someone. He has the level to start the next game. I hope he can be the central team for a long time. “

“I hope that (Eric García) can be the central of the selection for a long time”

Most band players on the list

“We have seen how our goals arrive, and almost all arrive through the center. We have called many who could play on the wing, but could also do double duty: Rodrigo, Ansu Fati, etc. I want the three points to have mobility, to generate in the rival imbalances. I am convinced that the selection will continue having goals, but not only of the tips, but the interiors like Dani Olmo, Fabián, etc. They have to arrive at goal “.

Worst moment to train Barça

“It is never the worst time to train a great club. I saw Koeman and I saw him very happy, training for Barça is great and you only see sun and sun. He will have to manage the dressing room, but he knows him well.”

“Koeman will have to manage the locker room”


“I had the opportunity to coach him in 2014/15 and he had a potential to polish, and in recent seasons in the Premier League he has improved a lot. Before he only did things with the ball, now he does more things with offensive and defensive capacity, but on everything is overflowing, perhaps the best overflowing in Europe. It is a diamond with a beastly potential and is hungry and eager to do it. “

“Traoré is a diamond with a beastly potential and is hungry and willing to do it”

Europa League final and Sevilla players

“The two finals are two of the best matches that can be seen. Both will have opportunities, I hope that Sevilla can add a new title. We have valued all the teams, depending on whether they finish late or early. I hope they arrive well, and have a good rest for those seven days. Reguilón will really want to debut, and Jesus NavasKnowing the engine he has, with 15 minutes to rest he has for three more seasons. ”

Oscar Rodriguez

“We knew him from the U21, but in Leganés he has been very good and is a very profitable player in all facets. With the ball and without it, he decides well, with a good shot and associates very well. I want to see him in our context, with players who promote that type of game. I could play in band or indoors. It has strategy. And I was surprised by his ability without the ball, his physical waste and his positioning. He is one of the ones I most want to see.

March List

“I would have to take the computer and look, because every 15 days I look at the list and assess reports. There would be some change. After confinement there have been players who have improved and others have worsened“.

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