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Leo Messi

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One of the reasons, not to say the first, why the FC Barcelona board has thrown itself into the arms of Ronald Koeman it is for the Dutchman to undertake a deep cleaning in the locker room.

Having an aging squad without performance is one of the symptoms that has ended up leaving the Blaugrana team without any title in the 2019/20 season. Proof of this is that they came out into the Lisbon disaster with the oldest eleven in the history of the Champions League.

Thus, Koeman has started his stage at Barcelona by removing the list of exclusions. After talking with Leo messi, one of the few immovable ones that remain (which does not imply that he will not leave the same, but by his own decision), has begun to show the door to several, some authentic ‘sacred cows’ in the culé dressing room.

Luis Suarez

The first is Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan is facing the final stretch of his sports career and Koeman does not want to have a burden on his squad. He has already told him to go looking for a place outside, because from next August 31 he will not have it.

Arturo vidal, another failed bet, will not follow either. Koeman does not want the Chilean to continue because he believes that he has several players in front of him who can give him much more immediate performance, both in the short and long term. Although he had minutes with Setién, he is sentenced. From Italy has already received several offers.

Samuel umtiti It has lost prominence as the seasons have passed. His physical problems that he has dragged throughout his culé stage, especially in the last one, have made his absence not noticeable either, so he will not continue.

In case of Ivan Rakitic comes from afar. He was about to leave the Blaugrana dressing room last summer, and since he arrived Ernesto Valverde he has been wasting minutes. Condemned to ostracism, he is negotiating to return to his beloved Seville, where he not only has his in-laws, but a team in which he was happy.

The recently proclaimed champion of the Europa League is ready to welcome him again with open arms, but in case he does not manage to return there, they have already asked about him in the Premier.

Before getting in, allow to exit

In addition to the need to release ballast, Barcelona need a space for possible incorporations. Lautaro Martinez He is the great favorite to fill the position of Suárez, but it is not yet clear that he wants to leave an Inter Milan with which he has not achieved the objectives he wanted either.

Koeman, new coach of Futbol Club Barcelona

Apart from the Argentine, Koeman has focused on several compatriots to strengthen the team, in addition to wanting to give more prominence to a Frenkie De Jong that it has not given the expected performance, but it has not been noted.

From this purge, names such as Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets or Jordi Alba, who ended the season with more doubts than they have ever had.

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