three years with Suárez and then to New York

The FC Barcelona star is considering leaving the club of his life.

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He Manchester City is clear about the historical occasion they have to take over Leo Messi services, the best player in recent times, and they will do everything in their power to convince him to sign for the ‘sky blues’. With the decision to leave Barça already taken and with no apparent turning back, the great fight of the English will be with the other teams that seek to bring the Argentine with dizzying figures.

That is why the Etihad already plans an offer that covers as many needs as possible from the still captain of Barça, starting by making his arrival as pleasant as possible, until a retirement planning, still under his framework.

The first part of the offer goes through a three-year contract with Manchester City, which also undertakes to also bring Luis Suarez, Messi’s great friend in Barcelona, ​​to the ‘cityzen’ discipline. It is to remember that in the English club also a whole intimate friend of the Argentine as Kun Agüero, with whom he has shared throughout his career in the national team.

Furthermore, a sports project headed by Guardiola, with whom Messi has a great relationship and whom he has previously highlighted as “the best coach of his career”, with whom he could mature to improve his game in the last years of his football life.

As if it was not enough, Messi is also offered the option to retire in New York City, owned by the same owner as Manchester City, both owned by the City Football Group. In this way, the Argentine joins the group of stars like Pelé or Henry who decided to finish in the MLS, the American league, where the Great figures from European football usually profit from millionaire sponsorship contracts, beyond your salary.

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