what does Barça say and what does Messi say to defend their positions

what does Barça say and what does Messi say to defend their positions

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He sending a burofax by Messi to announce his decision to leave Barça And doing it, moreover, for free by taking advantage of its clause has caused an earthquake in Can Barça.

Although the club, in the voice of its sports director Ramón Planes, has assured this Wednesday that there is no war, the truth is that controversy has been generated between both parties over the conditions of the Argentine contract.

In the last contract renewal of ’10’, it was agreed that, when he turned 32 (he is already 33), the player could choose to go free at the end of the season if he wished. A clause that Barça has already signed with other club players such as Xavi or Iniesta. However, it does not seem to be that easy or, at least, the entity manifests it that way.

What Messi argues

In his intention to leave the club, Messi shields himself precisely in that contractual privilege that he agreed with the club: be able to choose whether or not to leave at the end of each season based on his feelings, whenever he was over 32 years of age.

That is to say, after the discontent and the various reasons why the player wants to change of scene and put an end to 20 years of Barça, he sticks to what is contemplated in his contract. But Barça points out a detail that prevents it.

What Barça argues

That details a date: the June 10th. According to the club, effectively the player, according to the contract, can choose at the end of the season whether to leave as a free agent, as long as he communicates it before that date.

Otherwise, you will have to pay your very high termination clause, amounting to 700 million euros or find a club with which you can reach a transfer agreement.

The date lock, from Messi’s point of view, is not valid having officially concluded the season on August 23 and not on May 30 as initially planned, due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of all this mess, and given the apparent little intention of yielding by either party, it is possible that the matter could end up in court.

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