Bartomeu considers resigning if this way he gets Messi to stay at Barça

Leo Messi and Luis Suárez celebrating a goal

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The pulse between Josep María Bartomeu and Leo Messi, which has resulted in the most serious threat of the Argentine to leave Barcelona, ​​is close to ending the loan of the president. As reported by TV3, the top leader he is seriously considering resigning.

The march of Bartomeu before the club elections would be personal, that is, he would go alone and his Board would stay until the culé elections.

The relationship between Messi and the president has been bad for a long time. Although it has always been the player who has won, in this crisis from the beginning Bartomeu had clung to his position without initially having any intention of leaving.

The possible departure of Messi divides the fans of FC Barcelona

What’s more: he had even opened a serious debate with his managers to propose a ‘post-Messi era’ or to force the footballer to fulfill his contract, regardless of the clause they are discussing.

The change of coach has not been enough. Messi demanded from the beginning a deep cleaning, but not in the dressing room (where he has already lost, at least, his friend Luis Suárez) but in the board of directors. Eric Abidal also fell, but the Argentine wants more. The reaction of the fans is on the footballer’s side, since they have seen how they can lose their idol and leader in the field for a president whom they blame from the first day for all the evils that the team has.

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