Barça fires his law firm for advising Messi on his departure from the club

The FC Barcelona star is considering leaving the club of his life.

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Leo messi He does not play alone, neither on the field nor off it. Around him there is a group of advisers, representatives, counselors and lawyers who give him advice and recommend the steps he should take, and in the situation he is going through with Barça they could not be absent.

The infinity of clauses and rules of the contract that binds them requires specialized study, which led Messi to call the Cuatrecasas law firm, one of the most prestigious in Barcelona. The problem is that the same law firm was hired by Barça itself, which has caused the club to dismiss them in a sudden way.

Messi, in the match against Real

As reported by ‘El Español’, it has been Jorge Pecourt, one of the partners of the firm, the one who has been giving the necessary instructions for the litigation. From sending the famous burofax, going through the media silence or the council to meet with the directors, it has been this member of the Sports team and specialist in tax matters who has carried out his contract in person.

Barça began working with Cuatrecasas through Javier Faus, the former financial manager of the club, in the case of the Neymar.

The firm helped them in the litigation with the Brazilian and since then they have been combining their advice with the club and with that of some players, although they had never seen a conflict of interest situation as clear as this.

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