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The comings and goings that are causing Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona They give for a Hollywood script, especially after the latest information that El Larguero has revealed on Saturday night. According to the Cadena SER program, the clause that the Catalans use to retain their captain no longer exists.

This is what they say after “having seen Messi’s contract”, where it is specified that The 700 million termination clause has not to be paid from the 2019/2020 season that has just ended. Therefore, neither Messi nor any team that wants to sign Barça is obliged to pay the aforementioned amount, something that, on the other hand, has never been considered as a real price.

However, this was the nail that Bartomeu’s directive clung to, but it burns more and more. The contract they signed in 2017 included three seasons and an optional one, 20/21. If the contract was broken before this, the Argentine was obliged to pay the 700 ‘kilos’, but this rule did not apply for the additional season.

Thus, the clause does not exist at this time, but the Messi’s ability to break the contract is the main stumbling block in the Argentine’s freedom, which could lead to a war in the courts, with two scenarios for the future.

The first, going through the courts, is the war for the completion of the famous escape clause. He Barcelona defends that June (end of season) was the limit for Messi to decide his future, something he “did” by not activating it at that time having the opportunity, and the player, who assumes that it’s after the Champions League final. A dilemma that seems to have only one solution in court.

The other alternative is that the player break your contract unilaterally, by not having to pay the 700 million, which would also end in lawsuit, with Barça defending that the Argentine has broken the contract for unjustified cause.

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