The graffiti artist TVBoy says goodbye to Messi dressed as Che Guevara: “Goodbye, commander”

The FC Barcelona star is considering leaving the club of his life.

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The street artist and graffiti artist Salvatore of course, better known as TVBoy, has drawn the soccer player this Friday night Leo Messi dressed as Che Guevara in an electrical connection box located in front of the Apple store in Barcelona’s Plaza de Catalunya.

The drawing, which the artist has captured on paper that he has later pasted on the junction box, bears the motto “Goodbye commander” and represents the soccer player with a green military jacket and a black beret with a red star, a red scarf and a cigar in his mouth, with a background that is a red heart.

The Italian artist based in Barcelona has explained to El Periódico that this new graffiti wants to pay tribute to Messi on behalf of all Barcelona fans.

TVBoy assures that the work, which it defines as “a loving tribute”It does not have a political character, but rather wants to highlight that Messi “has been the commander” of Barça.

In the drawing, the artist has included a French, an Italian and a British flag in allusion to the possible destinies of the iconic Barça forward

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