will not appear on Sunday for PCR tests

will not appear on Sunday for PCR tests

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The output of Leo messi FC Barcelona is getting closer and closer and it seems that we will only see the Argentine wearing the new Barça kit in promotional photographs. If in recent days the Argentine’s intention to leave the club was made public, there has not yet been any clear manifesto of rebellion. Until now.

As reported by both RAC 1 and ESPN, the Argentine has decided not to appear for the PCR tests to which all footballers have to submit before returning to training, the next sunday 30.

The Argentinian has already informed the club that he will not be seen in the sports city of Sant Joan Despí, where he is first public demonstration that Messi wants to leave Barça.

Until now, Barça fans could dream that Leo’s famous burofax was a pressure strategy or that the Argentine’s anger had been exaggerated, but his sit-in for the team is a clear indication that the ‘post-Messi’ era is every closer time.

Up to 25% salary fine

As reported by Deportes Cuatro, the Argentine risks receiving a serious sanction if he decides not to appear to train this week. Depending on how many days you are absent, you may have to pay up to a quarter of your monthly salary.

The aforementioned media points out that if the first call is absent, this same Sunday, the matter will remain in a simple notice, considering it a minor foul but if you continue in your position, the ball will enlarge. FC Barcelona will sanction with a 7% of his monthly salary to Messi if he misses a second day for being a serious offense, and if he also does it on Tuesday, with 25% of his salary for a very serious one.


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