“Football is more physical right now”

Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach

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The renewal of FC Barcelona has to transcend mere changes in the wardrobe, as he thinks Arturo vidal. The Chilean, who does not count for Koeman, has been very critical of the club that still pays him in an interview with the podcast ‘Inquebrantables’.

The Blaugrana fans have not taken the criticism well at all, because they refer directly to what hurts them the most: style or ‘Barça DNA’. “Barcelona first have to change their way of thinking, that football has evolved a lot, already DNA is lagging behind and the other teams are improving in other respects; football at the moment is more physical, with more strength and speed, and technique sometimes takes a back seat, “he says.

In this sense, Vidal also wants to see more wardrobe in the team, and asks to start leave behind the famous quarry of La Masía, which seems more than exhausted for a long time.

“A team, which I think is the best in the world, It cannot have 13 professional players and the rest are minors. Not because they don’t deserve to be there, but on this team they have to be competing for who is better and who has to play. All teams have 23 players to fight for the position, grow and get better every day; but when they don’t advance, when you think that with your DNA you can always win, you are very wrong, “he says.

Vidal asks for help for Messi, whom he describes as “an alien” who “needs help.” “He needs players who improve the team and give better results,” he requests.

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