Messi complies with his threat and does not appear at the PCR on Sunday

Lionel Messi, during the signing of his new contract with Fútbol Club Barcelona.

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New ‘attack’ in the Messi-Barcelona war that, as unlikely as it may seem, everything indicates that they will end a 20-year relationship to the brawl. The Argentine was the last to carry out an ‘offensive’ towards the club and has complied with the threat of not appearing at the PCR this Sunday.

Barça had summoned all the players in the team, including Messi, to carry out the relevant tests on the occasion of the precautionary protocol prior to returning to training. However, no trace of the Argentine in the Barça facilities where he had been summoned at 10:15 in the morning. The ’10’ considers that his contract ended with the famous burofax and meeting the club’s requirements would be counterproductive.

If the rest of his colleagues have done it, among which stands out Luis Suarez, another footballer who has his future in the air, in this case, because the new coach Koeman does not have him.

One more obstacle to the attempt to end the relationship between the captain and the club in a friendly way, something on which the two parties agree so far, but neither takes the first step. In that way Messi will not appear in training until further notice and could face a harsh sanction if he does so repeatedly.

  • Messi with the new Barcelona kit

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