Umtiti is absent from Barça’s PCR but skips confinement despite testing positive

The Barcelona center-back was born in Cameroon, but has always defended the French colors, despite attempts by his home country to change his mind. He has set a remarkable championship and was key scoring the goal against Belgium that qualified France for the final.

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Barça’s dwarfs (and problems) continue to grow and the constant events that occur at the club make it the largest football circus today. “New news, new controversy” is the recent trend in the club in recent times and the players seem not to help the club. First the departure of Messi, then the statements of Arturo Vidal and now, Samuel umtiti.

The French central is one of the players who he was absent last Sunday from the PCR tests to which the squad was subjected on the occasion of the return to training. The former Olympique player tested positive for coronavirus on August 14 and assured the club that he was still in quarantine and could not leave his home.

It seems that nothing could be further from reality since, hours after he had to have appeared in the Barcelona sports city, ‘Big Sam’ was seen in Barcelona, ​​after arriving from a private flight. Information from Cadena COPE that indicates that several witnesses were the ones who saw the defense in Barcelona.

Beyond cheating the club, Umtiti opens a great controversy allegedly having skipped the quarantine, putting his fellow citizens at risk. That way now you can face a stiff penalty for either of the two reasons, in addition to the opening of a disciplinary file.

  • Arturo Vidal and Carles Pérez celebrate their goal in the Champions League.

The Frenchman is once again in the eye of the hurricane, further complicating his exit from the club. If his performance, his knee without surgery and his record of 12 million euros are problematic for them to be interested in him, his extra-sporting controversies do not help at all.

His great ballast, the sports car, comes for a knee injury that the club no longer knows with what conservative treatment to try to solve. Umtiti does not want to operate And that has caused him to halt the meteoric progression he had in his first seasons at Barcelona. Unfortunately, little remains of that insurmountable wall that he proved to be when he was fit.

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