Messi’s father has already landed in Barcelona waiting for his meeting with Bartomeu

Barcelona hired a company to create states of opinion through social networks in order to protect the image of the president of the Barça club, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and damage that of former players, footballers and opponents of the Board, according to what has been said. unveiled this Monday.

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Jorge Messi is already in Barcelona to meet with Bartomeu and agree on Leo’s departure from the club. Or at least that is his intention, since it seems that it will be difficult to convince the president of Barça to let the best player in his history go just like that. Both parties have been firm and stubborn in a negotiation that seems to have not moved, at least publicly.

Messi’s father landed this Wednesday in Barcelona around 7:40 in the morning and everything points to that throughout the day you will meet with the club president in which it is the first step to solve the future of the player.

According to various sources, Bartomeu will offer the Argentine renewal until the World Cup in Qatar 2022, while Messi wants to facilitate his departure. Barcelona remains in its position that its captain continues to have a contract and that to leave you will have to pay the 700 million euros indicated in its clause, reinforced by the public support of LaLiga.

Position very far from that of the Messi, who Leo’s contract ended with the famous burofax thanks to the release clause that has its contract and for which all the controversy. Under normal conditions, this option expired last June, but with the coronavirus hiatus, father and son, advised by their lawyers, consider that it remained in force until the end of the season.

Fortunately for Barça, the main teams that seek the Argentine do not entirely agree with this vision and far from wanting to risk breaking the regulations, it seems that they will only seek to sign Messi after an agreement with the club or after the ratification of a judge.

This will be the first manifestation of Messi’s environment after the burofax since the Argentine has declared in absentia and he has not attended the club’s call for the third day in a row, taking leave of both the protocol PCRs and the club’s training sessions.

In this way, what arises from the meeting of Jorge Messi and Bartomeu seems that will mark the way forward and will put into play what is the real option of the Argentine leaving or continuing to wear Barça.

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