Messi’s father confirms that they are already considering the option of staying at Barça

Do you think you know the life of Leo Messi by heart? Perhaps these five curious details of the Argentine star had escaped you.

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Jorge Messi has spoken with the media again and although it was briefly, it has revealed a important information about your child’s future. Despite the fact that until now Leo was rooted in his idea of ​​leaving Barcelona this season, after his father’s meeting with Bartomeu last Wednesday, seems to start to give way.

The one who is also a representative of the footballer was asked if “They are thinking of continuing until 2021 and then go free”, to which he replied with a brief but valuable “yes”. Despite being good news for Barça fans, this is taken with caution since next summer he would leave without leaving a single euro in the club’s coffers.

In the early hours of Thursday Argentine media reported this change in trend and even assured that Messi had a 90% chance of staying. Everything points to what in the next few hours the situation could take a big turn And, as they also reported from the home country of the culé captain, this Thursday may be the day when his future is definitively known.

Thus, Messi will be able to play in the 2021-2022 season in the club he wants and have a final season of farewell with FC Barcelona, ​​instead of going out facing the club and fans.

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