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Messi celebrates one of his four goals for Levante.

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Leo messi remains in its thirteen: the clause of 700 million that the FC Barcelona to leave the club does not count.

Jorge Messi, father and representative of the player, has sent a letter to Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, to respond to his statement in favor of Barcelona’s thesis, in which they establish that any team that wants to sign him had to pay those 700 million. The Messi deny it.

The letter includes with an excerpt from Messi’s contract in its last renovation. Earlier, the player’s father made a direct criticism of Thebes’ attitude:

“Mr. Jorge Horacio Messi, as representative of the professional soccer player, Mr. Lionel Andrés Messi, in response to the Informative Note published on August 30, 2020 by the National Professional Football League, in relation to the contractual situation of the player , and aside from its obvious partiality for the role that such an institution plays, in defense of the interests of its associates (football clubs), I must state that:

“1º.- We do not know which contract is the one that they have analyzed, and what are the bases on which they conclude that it would have a” termination clause “applicable in case the player decided to urge the unilateral termination of the same, with effect from the end of the 2019/20 sports season.

2.º.- This is due to an obvious error on your part. Thus, as literally stated in clause of the contract signed between the player and the club,

“This compensation will not apply when the termination of the contract by the player’s unilateral decision takes effect from the end of the 2019-2020 sports season.”

Without prejudice to other rights that are included in the contract and that you omit, it is obvious that the compensation of 700 million euros, provided for in the previous clause, does not apply at all “.

LaLiga responds: they don’t give in either

In a brief answer, LaLiga has responded to the message “sent from the environment of the player Leo Messi”:

“From LaLiga a response to the message sent from the environment of the player Leo Messi has been transferred.

Said response reveals and confirms the decontextualized and far removed interpretation of the literality of the contract they carry out, for which LaLiga reiterates itself in the statement published on August 30 “.

Tug of war

Messi, with the new Barça shirt

The difficulty to leave in a peaceful way, the resistance of Josep María Bartomeu to lose his greatest asset and the legal controversy that has involved the release clause made desist from Messi’s initial intention to leave immediately. From not thinking about anything other than leaving Barcelona, ​​to accepting that he can hold out for another year until his contract expires and be able to go free.

However, the words of Jorge Messi to Javier Tebas seemed to make it clear that they are not throwing in the towel: they kept the idea that he can leave, but not at the price of 700 million. In the end, everything was a way of responding to LaLiga and claiming, because hours later confirmed that he was staying.

It is being a convulsive summer at Barcelona. It started with the defeat in LaLiga that Real Madrid took, but continued with the 2-8 against Bayern, a humiliation that will haunt them through the annals of football history, and that led not only to the dismissal of Setién as a coach and Abidal as technical secretary, but in a locker room cleaning that he has undertaken Ronald Koeman.

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Leo Messi

The problem they encountered was that Messi didn’t even wait for the Dutchman to arrive to announce your intention to leave. His bad relationship with Josep María Bartomeu, the criticism he received and the lack of a project that convinced him made him push forward with his decision to leave … and then loosen up a bit.

The meeting of Jorge Messi with Bartomeu He went from “it is very difficult” to admit that he can stay, but it is far from clear. Manchester City is willing to wait another year for him, especially when the price they had to pay for him was too high, but since the case has not been closed, nothing can be ruled out.

The alternatives were few: either he stays, or a club reaches an agreement with Barça to take over Messi. The footballer in the end stays, but not in the most peaceful way possible.

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