of the burofax to leave this summer from Barça to the resignation of staying for not going to trial

Messi celebrates one of his four goals for Levante.

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The effervescence of ‘Messi case’ had dropped noticeably in the last few days to announce their decision to stay. What seemed like a traumatic and inevitable divorce has become a heat for the player, who has not yet spoken and that whatever happens has been very marked by his attitude.

The meeting between Jorge Messi and Josep María Bartomeu ended with a shocking statement. In just 24 hours, the father and representative of the footballer went from saying that it was “very difficult” for him to continue at Barça to that they were already considering continuing, at least, until 2021 and then go free.

Deep down, Messi’s intention hadn’t changed much, but he was willing to delay it. The problem of the release clause and the difficulty of getting a place outside the club of all his life has made the footballer rethink his future. What has been sold as a loosening of pressure from Messi to Bartomeu is nothing more than the resignation that he cannot leave without provoking a big legal mess It would not solve him much either, or at least in time. All this advised by the already ex-law firm of the club itself.

  • The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, in his speech before the club's Senate

Messi remains after much controversy. From the day the famous burofax was sent until this Friday, September 4, in which he confirmed that it will continue for another year, the Argentine has been trying to avoid a trial with the entity that has given him everything. Both him and his family, since the little ones and Antonella they had taken the possibility of leaving Barcelona wrong.

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Leo Messi

That does not imply that it will be a comfortable stay this year. The harsh criticism of Bartomeu they are part of the announcement of its continuity, and it will be necessary to see if they will pass even more invoice, as everything indicates.

Messi will now have to work on his relationship with Koeman, which has not started in the best way. Training has not started under the Dutchman’s command, but now he will have to return to Sant Joan Despí to catch up in this preseason. Will the Dutchman dare to punish Messi for indiscipline?

The fans and Guardiola, waiting

From the first moment, the fans have sided with their idol. The disastrous sports and social policy of Bartomeu They have made him the focus of anger, including demonstrations outside the Camp Nou.

The turn of events has made it go from pleading to suspicion: Has it all been a Messi strategy? If finally not only does he not leave, but he also renews (with a salary increase), How will the stands take it? It is not his intention, but no one trusts anymore.

Messi did not hide his disappointment after losing against Atlético.

The captain culé did not want a traumatic exit, in any case, at least in the face of the fans. Messi is aware that he is an idol like few have been in the history of Barcelona, ​​possibly the greatest. The problem is that his belligerent initial strategy has made a sector of the fans begin to see him as part of the problem and not the solution.

The dream of playing under the command of Pep Guardiola it is postponed at least one year. Manchester City, whose accounts are monitored by UEFA, were not in a position to pay the 700 million of that buyout clause, but neither 200 or 300. In addition, the union of the Santpedor coach with Barça is remarkable and he did not want to be considered a traitor. The biggest stab he could give them would be to take Messi.

Another matter is 2021. If the Argentine ’10’ fulfills his idea of ​​going free next summer, all would be to negotiate the tab and now (which is not little). Whatever happens, Messi’s decision has rarefied his next season which, for now, aims to be the last Barça dress.

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