“There is no project and there is nothing, they are juggling”


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Leo Messi announced this Friday that he will finally stay at FC Barcelona next season. However, the Barça captain assures that he does so to avoid going to trial against “the club of his life”, but that his decision was to leave long before the Lisbon disaster and This is how he made it known to President Bartomeu, whom he harshly criticizes in his exclusive interview on Goal.

“I told the club, especially the president, that I wanted to go. I’ve been telling him all year. She believed it was time to step aside. I believed that the club needed more young people, new people and I thought that my time in Barcelona was over, feeling it a lot because I always said that I wanted to finish my career here “, Messi explains.

“I told the president and well, the president always said that at the end of the season I could decide if I wanted to go or if I wanted to stay and in the end he did not end up keeping his word“, adds the Argentine, blaming Bartomeu for not granting him the desire to leave.

“There is no project and there is nothing”

Leo Messi is not shy about criticizing the management of the current president’s board: “I always said that I wanted to finish here and I always said that I wanted to stay here. I wanted a winning project and win titles with the club to continue expanding the Barcelona legend at the title level. The truth is that there has been no project or nothing for a long time, they are juggling and covering holes as things happen. “

Regarding his idea that he was free despite the June 10 deadline having passed, Messi explains: “I thought and We were sure that I was free, the president always said that at the end of the season I could decide if I stayed or not And now they cling to the fact that I did not say it before June 10 when it turns out that on June 10 we were competing for the League in the middle of the this shit virus and of this disease that altered all the dates “.

The burofax

Messi explains why he sent the burofax: “The burofax was to make it official in some way. Throughout the year I had been telling the president that I wanted to go, that the time had come to look for new illusions and new directions in my career. He told me all the time: ‘We’ll talk, no, this and that,’ but nothing. To put it in some way, the president did not give me ‘ball’ what he was saying. Sending the burofax was making it official that I wanted to go and that I was free and the optional year I was not going to use it and I wanted to go. “

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