Messi’s 5 challenges in his last? season at Barcelona

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Messi stays in the Barça, but not by decision but by resignation. Avoid a costly and lengthy trial Against the entity that has given him everything, both personally and sportingly, it was too high a price and it was worth waiting for him to complete his controversial contract to leave for free, free and with nothing to reproach him for.

After three weeks of scorched earth with Barcelona, ​​a legion of ‘widows’ and ‘plañideras’ included, the Barcelona captain faces a farewell campaign (except for a 180º turn of the situation) in which he has a few challenges to meet.

1st. Follow as the reference

It is obvious that any athlete wants to succeed, but when you are a Barça player, even more so. Messi is the pillar of the team, both institutional and especially sports. Even if Koeman wants to start a revolution, the continuity of the Argentine forces him to maintain his ‘status quo’ both in the field and abroad. The ‘Messidependence‘is a double-edged sword, and the’ 10 ‘will have to show that it is able to support the weight of the team for another year.

2nd. Win titles (and if it’s more than one, the better)

Messi announces that he is staying.

The turbulent 2019/20 season ended with a historic humiliation and the confirmation of no title for Barça twelve years later. The challenge for the culés and, therefore, for Messi, will be to add some important trophy. Real Madrid raised them a League that they dominated even before confinement and the ridicule of the Champions League will haunt them for a long time, especially when they have already fallen for several years in a row in a grotesque way. The Copa del Rey, alone, is not enough.

3rd. His relationship with Koeman

Messi, with the new Barça shirt

Ronald Koeman’s main mission is to take the helm to change the course of Barça. He will do it based on signings, since the Masía is very dry except for Ansu Fati and little else, but with a veteran who complies in the transition. Gerard Piqué, Jordi Alba and, above all, Leo Messi will be key pieces in the ‘new normal’ culé. The Argentine has to win over the Dutch coach, who for now has seen how his captain has rebelled before even being able to talk to him.

4th. Bartomeu and the board

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Leo Messi

Messi is allowed everything because he is Messi, a footballer who far transcends any board and president in the history of Barça. Of these three weeks, the one that comes out the worst is, without a doubt, Josep Maria Bartomeu, focus of the anger of the fans and the Argentine footballer himself, who in the interview in which he confirmed his continuity blamed him clearly and with harsh criticism. Messi’s attempt to be scared has broken all connection with the Camp Nou offices.

5th. Find a team for the future

Messi has never been in the situation of having to find a team. His father and representative do not know what it is to negotiate and sign a contract with a club other than Barça, so he will have a few months to do so. When you go freeAt the end of the 2020/21 season, he will have to have closed his destiny, role and salary with a team willing to offer him the sports project that he has not seen in the Barça of his life. Guardiola and Manchester City wait patiently.

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