“The clubs are above players and presidents”

Messi, crestfallen

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The Spanish national coach, Luis Enrique Martinez, he regretted that Messi’s decision to stay at FC Barcelona did not take place in a friendly manner and explained that “the clubs are above all people”, as has been demonstrated throughout history.

“It is a very delicate subject. I don’t know whether to pronounce myself with a general reflection, but yes … I will. Clubs are above all people, above players and presidents“Luis Enrique said at the press conference prior to the game against Ukraine this Sunday.

“We know that Messi has made Barça one of the best clubs in the world, but Barça have always won titles. It is clear that there has been a wonderful relationship with many titles involved. Leo has made Barcelona grow, but I would have liked much more if there had been an agreement between the two parties“, admitted the Asturian, who trained Messi in his journey as a culé coach.

That agreement would have allowed “both parties to be happy” and “it would have been more positive if it had been friendly.” “When Messi leaves it will be a shame but the club will continue to win titles because it has always done so,” Luis Enrique concluded about it.

The new generation of the national team

Timo Werner and Sergio Ramos, in the Germany - Spain of the Nations League

The coach asked for patience in the process of building this new Spain and recalled that “comparing yourself with the generation that won the World Cup” a decade ago “can lead to mistakes”, in addition to praising the group of young debutants before taking on Ukraine in the second day of the UEFA Nations League.

“Despite the youth of some, my players are mature and have experience to know that you have to learn to live with criticism in professional football. The generation that won the World Cup will always be a benchmark, but comparing yourself to them can lead to mistakes. They have opened the doors to us and have told us that it is possible to win, “said the coach at the pre-match press conference, where he made it clear that they must develop their” own path. “

German players celebrate a goal.

Got into the match against Ukraine, Luis Enrique did not give a single clue to the rival. “We are constantly thinking about the eleven, whether to repeat the block or look for refreshment players. I could trade them all to get a fresh team but with player debuts. More or less I have it clear, but Shevchenko – the Ukraine coach – is very smart and I don’t want to give him any clues. I don’t want to give Ukraine advantages because they already play well enough to tell them who plays, “added Luis Enrique.

In this sense, the coach recalled that he only looks for the good of Spain. “I don’t see that everyone plays and everyone ends up happy. Because I like him, I would like him to be very happy, but I’m going to decide based on what I’ve seen training and what the game needs. Few, some or many may repeat. Here there are few concessions, “said the Asturian, who did not give a single clue about the line-up.

De Gea vs. Germany

Asked for his compliments to David De Gea after his good performance in Stuttgart, Luis Enrique knows that “when he makes a shit” in the Premier, he will go “back”. “I have not said that the criticisms of David were unfair, in the end if you are a professional you have to accept them. I just made a claim on David because I have followed him all year and it is evident that he has made a mistake, but his season is of remarkable high bordering on the outstanding “, he indicated.

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