The website of the motion of censure to Bartomeu suffers a computer attack

Jordi Farré, at the Barça offices to present the motion of censure.

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The promoters of the motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu and its board of directors have gotten a serious scare on the sixth business day since they submitted their proposal for collect the 16,250 signatures required to start a referendum.

The website that counts the signatures has suffered a computer attack, making it impossible to continue adding signatures or even accessing the same page, something that has made its organizers very suspicious. As announced this Tuesday, They already have 7,497 signatures, just over 45% with still eight days ahead of margin.

September 17 is the deadline they have, as explained Marc duch, one of the spokespersons. “We are within the percentages that we have to achieve to achieve the objective, but we cannot lower our guard. The partners must not be dazzled by the figure and must continue signing,” he said.

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Leo Messi

Despite the good start of their campaign to collect signatures, they admit that they have work left, although they have obtained unexpected help: Leo messi. The captain’s words to announce his continuity have been key. Another spokesperson, Ricard fauraHe admitted that the Argentine’s speech “helps the motion and is aligned with the speech of the same. He also does not agree with the way of doing the meeting.”

Next Monday they will give a last update on the status of the collection of signatures.

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