“Stop kicking me, asshole!”

Koeman makes his debut on the Barcelona bench

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Leo messi copied all the lights of the friendly between Barcelona and Nàstic of Tarragona, How could it be otherwise after the turbulent summer in which he has been very close to leaving the culé club. Beyond the media, in football it was also the great objective of the rivals, starting with the man who placed the coach Toni Seligrat to cover you.

Javier Ribelles had to dance with Messi throughout the game. The order he had received was clear: intense and unceremonious pressure. So much so that the Argentine player himself ended up losing patience, according to the Nàstic side in ‘El Chiringuito’.

“It was clear to me that Messi could not turn around, because if he does and faces you, it is very complicated. In one of those he is going to receive from behind himand above with everything, with the feet, the hands, with the chest … He put the ball down, turned around and said to me: ‘What are you doing, asshole? Stop kicking me, you’re the same all the time! ‘And I was surprised and I replied:’ If you’re the best, I have to kick you, I can’t let you turn because you’re going to beat me, “he explained.

For Ribelles it was a surprise, and a pride, to ‘eat the brown’ to cover Messi. “When the coach gave the talk I saw Messi on the blackboard and said ‘it can’t be’. And then I went back to focus and said ‘damn, this is a dream,” he explained.

In the end he did not dare to ask the Argentine for the shirt, knowing that he was going to be very angry with him, so he opted for another culé star, although less important. “In the end, Griezmann gave it to me, he was very nice to me. I have her here with me forever, “says the footballer from Paterna.

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