Luis Suárez refuses to sign for Juventus for fear of missing the first phase of the Champions League

Messi, during a match

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The future of Luis Suarez is more uncertain than ever, after you have ruled out the possibility of signing for the Juventus. Everything pointed to the Uruguayan forward he was going to be a teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo next season, but finally the operation will not come to fruition, according to Rac1.

The still 9 ofFC Barcelona had reached an agreement with the Bianconero group, but your non-community status It has complicated things and Suárez has ruled out the option of playing in Italy.

The decision is due to the delay that could lead to Suárez get Italian nationality, a process that in principle started this Thursday with a first exam.

However, the deadlines for the ram to obtain nationality and stop occupying an extra-community position can be extended until more than October 6, which would leave Luis Suárez out of the first phase of the Champions, since that same day they must be sent to the UEFA the official lists of registrants.

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The front does not want to take risks, always according to Rac1, and goes on to study other proposals, so its future remains unknown.

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