no dough (for the players), no way out

Luis Suárez celebrates one of his goals at Barça - Atlético.

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Luis Suárez does not count for Ronald Koeman. Gareth Bale also not for Zinedine Zidane. Both coaches have made it clear to him, in case there was any doubt, not calling them for the respective first pre-season friendly matches of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, despite this, their outputs are not at all clear with a common denominator such as big problem: his towering chips, which they are not willing to give up.

Suárez’s position is clear: it is Barça that has unilaterally decided that it does not have him and, therefore, he considers that he must receive all the salary of the year of contract that he has left with the Blaugrana entity. The player has interesting offers on the table, with Juventus as the club most interested in taking over his services, but at the club they want his separation to be similar to that of Ivan Rakitic, a footballer for whom Barcelona even entered a small economic amount.

The Uruguayan attacker, while his future is resolved, trains with intensity and total normality with Barça without understanding his situation. For the friendly on Saturday He was not called up against Nàstic de Tarragona despite being, along with Martin Braithwaite, the only nine of the team, a way for Ronaldo Koeman – and also the club – to make it clear that he will not have minutes.

The possibility that The Uruguayan spent a year in the stands without playing It is an option that is in the air and the way in which Barça wants to pressure Luis Suárez to value the offers he has on the table. Juventus is not only on the scene, Atlético de Madrid has also shown interest in the Uruguayan striker, although it would only be in the event that Álvaro Morata stops wearing the red-and-white shirt.

Luis Suarez can look at himself in Gareth Bale’s mirror, similar case but of longer duration and that has not just been solved. The end of last season already made it clear that Zidane no longer has the Welshman, while the player’s statements during the concentration of his team confirmed that the british does not want to continue wearing white. And despite everything, the solution that all parties want, that of Bale’s departure, seems very far away right now.

Gareth Bale

The Briton played the two matches of the League of Nations with his national team –45 minutes against Finland, 90 against Bulgaria– but on his return to Madrid, and after the two days of rest that all the internationals received, Gareth He has not been seen for a single day in the white team’s training sessions. “He exercises inside the facilities” is the only information that the merengue club has given about Gareth Bale, without specifying the reason why he does not train with the rest of his teammates on the pitch.

Gareth Bale has not been called up for the friendly match this Tuesday (12 hours) against Getafe at the Alfredo di Stéfano (neither has Eden Hazard) in one more example that Zinedine Zidane does not have the Welshman, but his departure is still very complicated with the player’s file as a reason . 15 million euros net (29 gross) charges the British, an amount difficult to assume no matter how much it could go for free. its return to Tottenham is complicated if the player does not give up part of the salary, and similar is the situation with Manchester United, the other Premier League club that has shown interest in his situation. The red devils they want the player on loan, although without paying his entire token.

Thus, their future has become a clash between the two parties. Or Gareth Bale gives up part of his salary To be able to play in the English league or Real Madrid agrees to pay him a part of his token so as not to have to pay him in full. The third way, the one that nobody wants, is for the player to pass a whole year in the stands. And, right now, it is nothing out of the question.

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