Koeman cannot debut in an official match with Barça until Setién does not collect his settlement

Messi and Koeman

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He Barcelona is exempt until the third day of the League due to its participation in the Champions League during the month of August, which ended with the historic 2-8 that led to Quique Setien.

The removal of the Cantabrian, which was practically already decided before that memorable defeat, is still dragging on, since the club has not finalized its contract in shape and form and the legal battle aims to drag on longer than necessary. So much that Koeman’s presence is in danger on the culé bench for that league debut.

As reported by ‘Time of Game’ of the Cope chain, the RFEF has not been able to process the file of the Dutch coach because Barça and Setién have not signed their contractual separation. The former coach, a personal bet of an Éric Abidal who also came out after the defeats with Bayern, asks that get paid for the remaining contract year and he is not willing to forgive a euro.

Setién was fired and blamed from the get-go of the bad situation of the team. He took Barça after being the third or fourth option they tried in January to replace Ernesto Valverde and not only did they not win a league that they came to lead comfortably, but they ended the season without any title.

The break with the wardrobe, moreover, was consummated with the presence of Eder Sarabia as his assistant, whose forms did not like any of the staff, starting with the very Leo messi whom all the technicians had pampered to the extreme.

Quique Setién, at a press conference.

Barcelona already received a burofax from Setién in the middle of a crisis with the Argentine in the summer, in which the lawyers of the former Lugo and Las Palmas coach warned them that they had not received any formal notification of their dismissal and, therefore, had not collected the corresponding settlement.

The next game of the culé team, not yet official, is the Joan Gamper Trophy against Elche this Saturday 19. Koeman will be on the Camp Nou bench, but it is not clear that he could be in the next match, this already official of the League, against Villarreal. To this day, he cannot.


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