The motion of censure against Bartomeu exceeds 20,000 signatures and is presented at the offices of Barça

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The drivers of motion of censure against the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, and its board of directors presented 20,731 signatures at the club offices this Thursday afternoon, which is the highest figure in the history of the club in this type of initiative.

So, far exceed the 16,521 required to take the motion of censure to a referendum and, except for surprise in the process of validating the signatures, they will achieve their objective that the continuity of the Bartomeu board is voted on by the partners.

From now on, a period of 10 days will begin in which the club will establish a validation table and, when it is formed, it will have another 10 days to carry out the work.

But according to the candidate Jordi Farré, promoter and legal person responsible for the motion, “Bartomeu would have to resign today“. One of the spokesmen for the motion, Marc Duch, agreed with this sentence, saying that”if I were Bartomeu, I would be trembling in my office after seeing that 20% of my club members want me out. I would resign for sure. “

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On the other hand, Farré considered that the context of a global pandemic would not be a complication when holding a referendum at the Camp Nou. “During this period, elections have been held in Galicia and in the Basque Country and nothing has happened. The Camp Nou enclosure is large enough so that nothing happens“.

In the referendum, the proponents of the motion they would have to get 66.6% of the votes in favor of the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu and its board of directors to achieve its objective

The Barça makes it official

FC Barcelona has issued a statement on Thursday night in which it validates the 20,687 signatures that Més que una Moció has collected and explains what the procedure is.

“This afternoon, the member Jordi Farré, promoter of the vote of no-confidence to the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, ​​has delivered the signatures of members of the Club in support of their request at the offices of the Barcelona Support Office.

Once the corresponding count has been made, the supports presented add up to a total of 20,687, pending validation according to article 55.4 of the Club Statutes.

The no-confidence vote procedure is regulated by article 55 of the Club’s Statutes.

Article 55.1: In this case, the taxpayers of the vote of no confidence are all the members of the current Board of Directors.

Article 55.2: The number of supports presented exceeds 15% of members with the right to vote on the day of the presentation of the announcement of the vote, set at 16,520.

Article 55.3: The delivery of these signatures has been made within a period of 14 business days, counting from the day after the tickets are made available.

Article 55.4: From now on, a period of ten business days is opened for the constitution of the Censorship Vote Table, made up of two members of the Club’s Board of Directors, the first two members who sign the lawful request and a delegate of the Catalan Football Federation.

Once constituted, and within a maximum period of ten business days, this body must verify that the application meets the requirements to which it is subject and, especially, that it has adequate motivation and the support of a sufficient number of partners. The Board may invalidate the supports that are not sufficiently accredited and may carry out the necessary inquiries to ascertain their authenticity “.

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