The promoters of the motion of censure against Bartomeu get the necessary number of signatures and will go forward

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The promoters of the motion of censure against the president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and its board of directors claim to have more than the 16,521 signatures necessary to take the process to a referendum when there are still a few hours to close the collection period.

According to various sources of the motion consulted by EFE, its purpose is to have around 18,000 when this Thursday at 6 pm they go to the club offices to make the official delivery. The pre-candidate Jordi Farré, the promoter and legal representative, will be in charge of carrying out the action.

From here, a 10 day period in which a manager of FC Barcelona, ​​another of the Catalan Football Federation and one last of the motion of censure will validate each of the signatures presented.

Until this process is finished, it will not be known if the promoters have the necessary rubrics to take the motion until a referendum is held, in which they should get 66.6% of the votes to force the resignation of Bartomeu and his board directive.

If the validation gave a figure higher than the 16,521 signatures required, it would be the third time in the history of the Barça club that a motion of no confidence would reach a referendum. The previous ones were those promoted by ‘Elefant Blau’ and Oriol Giralt against Josep Lluís Núñez in 1998 and Joan Laporta in 2008, respectively. None of them went ahead.

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