his name, a city, a watermelon and a supermarket

The Uruguayan striker, upon arrival in Perugia to take the Italian exam.

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Luis Suarez has been confirmed as a new Atlético de Madrid player for the next two years, in an operation in which the rojiblancos were able to take advantage of the unexpected -and surreal- scandal in obtaining dual citizenship of the Uruguayan in Italy.

The former Barcelona striker has already passed the recognition with the elastic of the rojiblanco team, on the same day that what were the questions leaked that he had to respond to obtain that B1 title necessary as a requirement to naturalize before signing for Juventus.

Historically, the nationality process at the ‘Regia università Italiana per stranieri’ in Perugia was carried out in two phases: a written test (reading comprehension, production of written texts and listening comprehension) and an oral. Due to the pandemic, this has been reduced to the last one, which in turn consists of three simple questions: some questions with the examiner, a description of an object and a role play, in which the judges propose a situation to the examinee and this must solve it in Italian.

As it has been leaked in various Italian media, Luis Suárez did not even have to take these three tests and the questions were simple as they could not:

  1. “What’s your name ?: Luis Suárez”
  2. “An Italian city ?: Turin”
  3. “What do you do? I’m a footballer and I’ve been in Barcelona for six years”
  4. “What do you see in these photos of a watermelon and a supermarket.”
Luis Suárez Italian test meme

These questions were previously filtered to player, something that has been a notable scandal because even in spite of how simple it seems there was pressure for approval, whatever he said.

The jokes on the networks have not been long in coming after the ‘Corriere della Sera’ took out in its edition of this Friday such an absurd exam. “The examiners went to catch the one with the watermelon, because I could call watermelon, water melon or its Latin name, Citrullus lanatus“, a user has ironized.


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