“You didn’t deserve to be kicked out like they did.”

Luis Suárez, during his farewell from Barça

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The departure of Luis Suárez from Barcelona It is not only a great football loss but also a personal one for the team captain, Leo messi.

The Argentine and the Uruguayan are great friends, and their relationship transcends the merely professional. Their families, their children and their wives are flesh and blood and there have been many years of success and joy together, which is now broken with the departure of the Uruguayan to Atlético de Madrid.

Messi has said goodbye to his partner in a letter on Instagram, in which he does not bite his tongue. The Argentine points directly to the culé board of directors and to Josep María Bartomeu for how he has managed the transition of the new team, in which Suárez has been one of the victims:

I was already getting the idea but today I entered the locker room and the card really fell. How difficult it is going to be not to continue sharing the day to day with you, both on the courts and outside. We will miss them so much. It was many years, many mates, lunches, dinners … Many things that will never be forgotten, every day together.

It will be rare to see you with another shirt and much more to face you. You deserved to be fired as what you are: one of the most important players in the club’s history, achieving important things both as a group and individually. And not to get kicked out like they did. But the truth is that at this point nothing surprises me.

I wish you all the best in this new challenge. I love you very much, I love you very much. See you soon friend.”

Neymar scores a trick

Messi and Suárez were part of a trident that Barça fans still long for: MSN. In addition to the Argentine and the Uruguayan Neymar, who left Barça to go to PSG and there he is still waiting to get important titles.

The relationship between the three was not broken, quite the contrary, but they continue being great friends, to the point that one of the reasons for friction between the board and Messi was precisely that they did not press hard enough to try to recover the Brazilian in the summer of 2019.

So much so that Neymar has put his pullita Bartomeu taking advantage of Messi’s post. “Incredible how they do things”, the Brazilian has written in a comment, in clear allusion to the inoperability of the culé directive.

Neymar's response to Messi in the farewell to Luis Suárez
Neymar’s response to Messi in the farewell to Luis Suárez
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