“It seems I’m the bad guy in the movie”

The Uruguayan forward, in Perugia, where he conducted the examination of the controversy.

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The coach of FC Barcelona, Ronald Koeman, has assured that he is not “the bad guy” in the ‘case Luis Suarez‘, and has revealed that his departure was “a club decision” that he supported, explaining that it is “no problem” to make changes in the team, in addition to understanding that the Argentine Leo Messi is “sad” with the Uruguayan’s departure, but stressing that he has “no doubt” regarding his commitment.

I have to say it seems like I’m the bad guy in this movie, but I’m not. After my call to Luis I have shown respect for the person and player that he is, and he has trained to the fullest. I told Luis that it was difficult for him to play, but that if he stayed he would be one of the squad. They are decisions on the part of the club. Before I signed my contract with Barça, the club was thinking of changing things, “he confessed at a press conference prior to the game against Villarreal.

In this sense, he recognized that he tried to “support these decisions”. “But it was not just a decision on my part as a coach, but they are decisions of the club as well. It shows that there are very young people with possibilities. These things are part of football. With Luis we respect each other, we have spoken clearly about his future. I wish him all the luck in the world at Atlético de Madrid, “he explained.

In addition, the Dutch coach assured that since his arrival “never” had a “quiet day”. “If you have to make changes, there are always people against and for, it is not a problem for me. I am in the most important club in the world, there is expectation. I hope we have a little more peace of mind to concentrate on our work,” he said.

He also downplayed the Leo Messi’s anger at the Uruguayan’s departure, and reiterated her trust in him. “It is normal for a player to be a little sad after a friend leaves the club. The most important thing is how Leo has been in training and in games, and he has been an example for everyone. I have not seen any training in the one that has not been well, although it is affected. He has shown it in training on Friday and this morning and he will show it in the games.

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