Barcelona ‘passes’ Luis Suárez and asks Messi to ‘speak’ on the pitch

Messi double as 'false 9'

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He FC Barcelona lived a complicated Sunday even before debuting in LaLiga 2020-21 before him Villarreal, as the double of Luis Suárez in its premiere with him Atlético de Madrid provoked numerous comments about the ‘favor’ that the Catalan club has done to the mattress team. However, William Love spoke before the meeting of the Barça and downplayed Suárez’s goals, while asking Messi let him ‘speak’ in the field.

The director of institutional and sports relations of Barcelona acknowledged that he saw Atlético’s win over Granada in which Suárez shone with his own light, but downplayed the fact of having ‘gifted’ the striker to the mattress team.

“I have seen more the second half and they have won with solvency, they have been very good, Suarez He has played the last quarter of an hour and it has been good because in addition to scoring he has scored another goal. He is the Luis we know and we hope you do well because we always hope that the players have been here to be successful, “said Amor in Movistar + microphones.

The way in which the exit of Luis Suarez It also led Messi to openly criticize the club and its leaders, something to which Love played down. In fact, the director of institutional relations began haggling the question stating that “the important thing is that Leo is still the best player in the world, has been here all his life, he loves and feels Barça and us we would like you to be able to withdraw here and make a career only at Barça “.

Of course, Amor did not hesitate to point out that “Messi has to help us, has to score goals which is what he has always done. “

The representative of Barça was also asked about the controversial refereeing of the Real Madrid match against Betis and the comment of Puyol criticizing her, but preferred to throw balls out and focus on the sports section.

“We will not go into what happens every week, the season has just begun, we will not look at every failure because if we don’t we are never going to finish, we have to focus on what is ours and our party, “he declared.

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