“I assume my mistakes, that if they existed, they were only to make Barça better”

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Leo messi has returned to talk about his frustrated attempt of march of the FC Barcelona last summer, in an exclusive interview for SPORT, a preview of which was published on Tuesday. Good news for the Barça fans, as the Argentine seems to want to make amends.

Messi has started by sending a message of unity to the fans, highlighting the importance of rowing all together. “After so many disagreements, I would like to put a full stop. We must unite all Barcelona fans and assume that the best is yet to come“.

“Adding passion and illusion will be only way to achieve the objectives, always united and rowing in the same direction, “he added.

Also, the advance indicates that sincerely admitting his “part of the blame” in everything that involved his possible departure. “I assume my mistakes, that if they existed they were only to make a better and stronger FC Barcelona“, he admits.

“I wanted to send a message to all the ‘socis’ and to all the Catalans who follow us. If at any time any of them could be bothered by something I said or did, make no doubt that I always did it thinking about the best for the club“, concludes the Argentine.

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