Isabel Díaz Ayuso turned to Piqué to buy medical supplies and masks in China in the middle of the pandemic

So is the group stage of the Champions for the Spanish.

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Isabel Diaz Ayuso resorted to Gerard Piqué and their Asian contacts in the midst of the coronavirus wave in Madrid with the aim of unblock the purchase of medical supplies to fight the coronavirus, according to El Larguero.

Ayuso contacted the soccer player of FC Barcelona on behalf of the Government of the Community of Madrid to request help for the acquisition of the massive purchase of masks which were later distributed for free in pharmacies.

In this sense, Piqué headed the operation in which the Government of Madrid paid 32 million euros to purchase 14 million masks, according to the aforementioned medium, which also ensures that the action was carried out through the company Cosmos owned by the Barça defender.

The sanitary material arrived in the capital of Spain in aircraft from Shanghai, the hometown of Edmund chu, Piqué’s main partner in the Kosmos company, which has different businesses in that city.

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Gerard Piqué acknowledged that was part of the operation and he clarified that his intermediation to help Ayuso and the Community of Madrid was totally disinterested.

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