Barça destroys Real Madrid in the first women’s football Classic

Barça destroys Real Madrid in the first women's football Classic

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It was not another match more. It cannot be a clash that inaugurates a new rivalry, even more so when the contenders carry the shields of the Real Madrid and from Barcelona. The two giants of Spanish football relate from this Sunday the history of the Classics also in female, given the expected bet of the white club for its women. The first act was for the Catalans, who won by a crushing 0-4.

Despite the fact that the white project is of recent creation, there is nothing to object to the merits of the Catalans who took the game decisively. They combined patience and ambition to knock down their rivals, although Madrid goalkeeper Misa Rodríguez made it more difficult than the scoreboard reflects. He succumbed to a shot by Patri Guijarro (min. 18), to the misfortune that accompanied him in his own goal (min. 54), at a Lieke Martens volley (min. 66) and a Alexia Putellas kick (min. 75).

It so happens that his stops made the The result was more decent than the 9-1 or 0-6 with which Barcelona submitted last year CD Tacón, the project from which this Real Madrid sprang; Today with a different name, the newcomer ended up equally beaten by this offensive, voracious and dominating Barcelona.

His proposal must be explained from the message that Alexia Putellas sent to his companions in the group prior to the start of this new Classic. “The success of last year is already there; It does not work. Only works now”, He insisted during the harangue, as if wanting to forget the recent coronation in the Primera Iberdrola and in the Spanish Super Cup.

The new course begins for the group that leads Lluís Cortés in the same way that the previous one ended. Then undefeated, today winner against a Real Madrid that already knows how its arch enemy spends them. This adverse 0-4 it is the starting point of Real Madrid. The first Classic was for this superlative Barça, as hungry as a title favorite.

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