first goal with Barça, grocery bag and taxi home

first goal with Barça, grocery bag and taxi home

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The performance of Pedri against him Ferencvaros in the debut of FC Barcelona in this edition of the Champions League has caused a real furor among the Barça fans, who see that, at their scarce 17 years, the canary can be a key piece in the future of the club. The midfielder played around half an hour of play and managed to score and take center stage in another goal.

However, beyond sports, two gestures by Pedri have also attracted attention of social networks for his humility and simplicity, in the images of his departure from Camp Nou after the game.

First of all, unlike many colleagues, due to whatever circumstances, He did not go out with his belongings in any brand name bag, backpack or pursebut did it with a simple grocery bag. An unusual image, which has been very well received on social networks. “He represents me” or “how little does the posture matter to him” were the most prominent comments.

In addition, after leaving the facilities, not having a driver’s license due to being a minor, he cannot return home with the car given away by the club’s sponsor, Cupra, or with a racing car of his high salaries. Pedri he went home by taxi, saying goodbye to the cameras and fans who were waiting at the Camp Nou exit.

“Today I have fulfilled one of the many dreams I had as a child,” he confessed after his debut in the Champions League with Ferencvaros. In Barcelona, ​​they already rub their hands with the player they have.

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