The harsh letter from the Barça captains to the board for their “embarrassing attitude” with their rights

The harsh letter from the Barça captains to the board for their

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The internal war continues in the FC Barcelona between players and the Board of Directors. Once the crisis due to the possible departure of Leo messi, the battle moves back to the salary plan, where Bartomeu and the rest of the leaders try to apply a reduction in salaries to face the losses due to the pandemic.

However, most of the staff does not agree on the forms that the managers are adopting and, in addition to the crossing of burofax between the parties, now the team captains, Leo Messi, Sergi Roberto, Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets, have addressed a letter to the Board, to which they have had access The world, agreed with your legal advisors to defend your rights.

A missive in which the four players accuse the club of having an “embarrassing attitude” to the situation and in which they warn that they will not allow their “rights to be violated.”

We will not tolerate the club infringing our rights with the arguments made in its letter, who consider that the only way to achieve their goal is through joint actions of all groups and sections of the club, when at the same time they recognize, entering into a clear contradiction, that some of said groups and sections have already made the economic adjustments that they intend“, they write, in a letter that supports almost the entire first team although, according to the aforementioned media, it has caused more than one disagreement between some heavyweights in the locker room.

And they add: “All staff members are united and are aware of the situation caused by the pandemic, being the first to endeavor to help our club, as we have already done, but in no case will we tolerate that it serves as a pretext to abuse our rights. “

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