“The Madrid box is empty and with pending bills of about a billion euros”

Di Stéfano, in 2000, during the presentation of the Portuguese Luis Figo as a white player. Along with them, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez. Florentino Pérez, a close friend of Di Stéfano, has been very affected by the death of the former player.

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The former president of Real MadridRamon Calderon considered this Thursday that the Madrid team is paying “the folly of the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo” and that its lack of signings is due to its lack of liquidity and that its cash “It is not only empty but it is full of invoices for an amount of approximately 1 billion”, while he defended the figures of Zinédine Zidane and Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“From the folly of selling Cristiano it was known that the team needed reinforcements in that position and in other positions, but the sad reality is that the box is not only empty but is full of bills for an amount of approximately 1 billion that must be paid, “said Calderón before the media after attending the traditional ‘Nacex Challenge’ of padel between former players of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético.

The former leader recalled that the white team “He is the only major player in Europe who has not made any signings.” “And that is paid,” he warned. “What happened against Shakhtar and against Cádiz leaves very bad feelings, but we must be optimistic because this team has already had bad moments like this and has overcome them, although obviously the sensations are not good, “he said.

In this sense, it reduced the responsibility of Zinedine Zidane, who does not see “guilty of anything”. “He is making a basket with the wickers he has,” he said. “The game against Shakhtar was not good, there were many errors, surely also the alignments, but nobody in particular is to blame, it is a series of circumstances that this has happened. Since the foolish sale of Cristiano there is no one to score goals“, he reiterated.

Therefore, Calderón confessed that he would not like to see Raúl González on the bench. “Not because I don’t have great affection and great esteem for him as a player, coach and person, but because that would mean dismissing a coach, who can make mistakes, and who has undoubtedly made them, but that has won three ‘Champions’ in a row“, he pointed.

He accuses Florentino of manipulation and defends Bartomeu

After this defense of the French, he returned to attack the current Board of Directors and its president, Florentino Pérez. “There is a modification of the statutes that prevents anyone from standing in the elections, an organization of an Assembly directed from the power and a series of manipulation or control of media that makes practically nobody oppose the current management of the club “, he listed.

Instead, the former Madrid president defended Josep Maria Bartomeu. “I said that it seemed unfair to me to value a president for a bad result or a specific moment, I believe that it is necessary to value the whole of his mandate,” he warned.

“Bartomeu has been president for seven years and has won twelve or thirteen titles, including a Champions League. It seems unfair to me, especially because I have had the experience of being there and it is a difficult position“, he sentenced.

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