Bartomeu holds and will not resign as president of Barça … for now

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Time and options are running out Josep Maria Bartomeu, about who it was rumored that he would resign as president of FC Barcelona this same Monday, after the meeting of the board of directors that he heads. After that meeting, the president himself appeared at a press conference, but there was no sign of his resignation.

There is only one way so that Bartomeu can delay the date of the vote of no confidence brought against him and his directors: the club sent a letter to the Generalitat for it to rule on whether once declared the alarm state and announced new mobility restrictions in Catalonia are given legal and sanitary conditions to celebrate the vote of no confidence on November 1 and 2.

At the last meeting held between both parties, the Generalitat of Catalonia communicated to Barça that does not contemplate “any impediment of legal or sanitary type” so that the vote of no confidence “can be celebrated with security in the foreseen dates”, but the Barcelona club clings to the declaration of the state of alarm to delay the process. The next meeting between the two was scheduled for the middle of next week.

Barcelona’s institutional crisis points to a key episode in its resolution, since Josep Maria Bartomeu has proposed to the board to resign to prevent the club’s social mass have to go to vote to the referendum, according to Sport.

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An anonymous source from the club cited by the aforementioned media assures that ” accomplices of this nonsense. People’s lives are more important, because there will always be time to vote “.

The Barcelona directive is contrary to the proposal of the Catalan Government to set it for this weekend, but this Tuesday the deadline for the club to make the date of the vote of no confidence official.

Press conference to reaffirm

“None” was the president’s response when asked how many times he has thought of resigning. “A team for the present and the future is being built and this season we have already seen moments of great play,” he said.

“I have no fear of being expelled. We want to continue persisting. Of course, depending on the result of the vote, it will be necessary to see if the elections are sooner or later. There is no reason to resign,” explained a Bartomeu who reaffirmed himself in his position.

In addition, he threw balls out before those who accuse him of wanting to paralyze the motion. “Regarding the validation of the Vote of Censorship, no one tries to paralyze this. Moreover, the club put all the necessary elements for the validation to take place. No one has wanted to paralyze anything. The Board followed the Statutes and I think it has been quite copy”.

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