“Bartomeu was directed by Florentino”

The former president of Barça, Joan Laporta, during an interview.

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Javier Tebas has been very hard with Josep Maria Bartomeu, recently resigned as president of the FC Barcelona, after one of the last decisions he made at the head of the culé club: join the European Super League.

“This league has been the dream of the president of Real Madrid … He has worked for it for a long time, it is nothing new. But it is a serious mistake, he does not understand the serious financial consequences it will generate,” says the president from LaLiga to the Associated Press, in a reflection that began with a hard stick to the ex-leader of Barcelona: “I think Bartomeu was directed by Florentino.”

Tebas is very opposed to the creation of this new tournament, among other reasons, because it would reduce much prominence to national competitions, in addition to the Champions League and other club competitions. In Spain it is Real Madrid who is pulling the bandwagon to join this new tournament, although now Barcelona’s entry has become official.

In Europe, many clubs have shown their interest in the new tournament. For example, the greats of the Premier League have already signaled their intention to sign up, with Liverpool and Manchester United leading the way.


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