The candidates to the presidency of FC Barcelona after the resignation of Bartomeu


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Josep María Bartomeu announced his resignation as president of FC Barcelona and that of its entire board of directors last Tuesday, thus advancing the elections to the presidency that were to take place next January. The leadership of the club is now in the hands of a management board led by Carles Tusquets, which will have up to three months to call the elections.

This is how an exciting electoral race among several partners who had already shown their intention to stand for election, and others who, despite not having done so officially, are also working to be the next presidents of FC Barcelona.

Victor Font

Font seems to split like the favorite candidate, or at least, the one that has had the most media weight in recent months. The CEO of Delta Partners Group, has Xavi Hernández as a great card in his hand, who wants him to lead the club’s sports project, either from the bench or, if Koeman lives up to expectations, from the management.

Toni Freixá

One of the regulars in Barcelona politics in recent years has already announced his intention to be the next president of Barcelona. After its failure in 2015, Freixa wants to return with a project based on financial solvency. Despite having opposed the motion of censure, he has expressed on more than one occasion that I would not be a continuation candidate.

Agustí Benedito

The 56-year-old businessman also ran for the 2010 and 2015 elections, and is an old acquaintance in the Barça presidential race. Not with Benedito an agreement with another candidate for the presidency is ruled out, as Laporta already offered him at the time.

Jordi Farré

Jordi Farré, at the Barça offices to present the motion of censure.

He main precursor of the motion of no confidence He was a pre-candidate in 2015 but was unable to add the necessary signatures to present his candidacy. However, with the success of the motion, he now hopes to achieve it with more support than five years ago and with the popularity of his action against Bartomeu.

Lluís Fernández Allah

The most unknown in this electoral race is this 53-year-old businessman, who showed his intention to appear in the elections after the team’s collapse in the Champions League. Among his ideas for the club, he has highlighted the return of values ​​and trust in La Masía, the great quarry of the club that has given so much joy to the Catalans.

Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta during the last Conde de Godó tennis tournament.

Finally, an old acquaintance of FC Barcelona, ​​the one who was president between 2003 and 2010. Laporta, however, has not yet made his candidacy official for the elections, but it is an open secret that he will do it, as well as all the work that he has carried out for it in recent months. He also tried it in 2015, but Bartomeu and the triplet prevented him from returning.

Emili rousaud

The one who was the vice president of Bartomeu until last March, has not presented his candidacy either, but he has been working for it for some time. Your project would be the most continuous, despite having left the club involved in a great controversy, affected by ‘Barçagate’ and accusing the board of corruption.

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