Carles Tusquets, president of the Barça Management Company, will call elections “as soon as possible and without pressure”

Carles tusquets

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The president of the FC Barcelona Management Commission, Carles tusquets, has assured after taking office that they want to carry out their main function, that of call presidential elections, “as soon as possible” within three months but without “accepting pressure” from any candidate or from the social environment.

“We will call elections as soon as possible, and I underline the word possible. What we will not do is accept pressure to be at inappropriate times“, he made clear in his first public appearance as president of the club’s Management Commission.

Tusquets recalled that none of the eight members of the Manager has the intention of forming part of no presidential candidacy. “We do not have aspirations to enter any directive, but we want the next Board to have maximum possible support and this happens because there is maximum participation, “he said.

Thus, according to these intentions, the three-month period for that electoral call would not be rushed, although that maxim is marked as objective social participation in elections and, the coronavirus pandemic and the social and health restrictions of the authorities, could intercede in the agenda of the Management Commission.

Carles Tusquets Trias de Bes will be president of a Management Company made up of Joan Ramon Ramos as vice president, Joan Lluís Garcia as treasurer, Josep Maria Mir as secretary, and Miquel Lladó, Josep Maria Xercavins, Àlex Tintoré Y Sonia Cano as vowels.

Tusquets himself commented, however, that they will request the presence of a member of the Transparency Commission. “We have asked that a person from the transparency commission, without vote but with voice, we are very interested in transparency in front of all partners. That is why we have been working intensely since yesterday, “he said.

“We want to explain exactly how the situation of the club is, which due to the pandemic is dramatically impacted on your accounts. Barça has a lot of dependence on tourism, which is totally stopped. And the economic situation is not comfortable, and we will dedicate ourselves to straighten all we can this situation“, it indicated to economic level.

In this sense, they will study to apply some measures proposed by the previous Board of Directors of the resigned Josep Maria Bartomeu. “We will study the possible measures of the previous Board to deduct to the maximum the economic damage. Next week we will explain measures to ensure that the club is once again the best club in the world. We ask all players and athletes that they are aware of the current situation from the club, “he said, in the middle of negotiating a salary cut.

According to the Statutes, this Management Committee will exercise the functions of “government, administration and representation” of the club that are the responsibility of the Board of Directors, but “limited to the necessary and essential acts” for the maintenance of normal activities.

“For the first time in history, we have seen fit that there are only members of the Economic and Disciplinary Commission without any member of the previous Board of Directors. However, they have made themselves available to help understand the real situation of the clubWe will surely use your knowledge, contacts and work done. Especially in the economic sphere, which is what concerns us in the short term, “concluded Tusquets.

For his part, the member’s trustee, Joan Manuel Trayter, assured that the club “continues to function” despite being in a “difficult situation”, and asked tranquility during the mandate of the Manager. “I want to ask the Barcelona environment, which is an example of democracy and tolerance, that the Management Commission can work and be calm these months so that elections can be called. And we will wholeheartedly support the new president, “he said.

He also wanted to have a memory for those affected and deceased by the COVID-19 pandemic. “A memory to the more than 800 partners and associates who have lost their lives in this pandemic. Also to the sick, the trustee is the most aware of the tragedy that the partners live, also at the labor level, “Trayter said, who will continue to act as trustee.

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