The keys to the European Super League: how many teams, format, dates …

The keys to the European Super League: how many teams, format, dates ...

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The European Super League has made headlines and appears to be a reality. The new competition, which has been promoting leaders such as Gianni agnelli or Florentino Pérez, received the support of Liverpool and the Manchester United and it also counts with the backing of Barcelona, what threatens the position of competitions domestic.

This was one of the last measures taken by the already ex-president of Barça Josep Maria Bartomeu, who announced the incorporation of the Barça club to the project just before presenting his resignation: “I can announce a news that changes the financial perspectives.” Of course, after the departure of Bartomeu, it will be necessary to see if the new board and the new president endorse this decision.

Beyond the situation of Barcelona, British and North American media assure that Real Madrid Y Athletic They have already said ‘yes’ to the new Super League, although they have not made it public.

Other teams that are confirmed are the Liverpool and the Manchester United, who have obtained financing from the bank JP Morgan and they will have a loan of 5,000 million euros to support the creation of the new tournament, which will start in 2022 at the earliest.

The same sources take for granted the participation of other heavyweights of continental football, such as PSG, Milan, Inter Y Bayern Munich. Other clubs like Juventus They have not referred to the matter, but they have always been favorable to the founding of the new competition.

This is the case of equipment such as Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City or Chelsea, who would also welcome their joining the new tournament, although they have the handicap that only the participation of 5 clubs for each major league, so there is at least one of those mentioned.

The new European Club Super League aims to replicate a competition similar to the one NBA, with a total of 18 clubs and made up of a regular round-trip phase in which all teams face each other and then a playoff phase or ‘final four’ in a single venue.

This project has not liked everyone, as the president of LaLiga made clear Javier Tebas, who harshly criticized the initiative and accused Florentino Pérez of having been its promoter and regretted the decision taken by Bartomeu before leave the Barça presidency: “It will be ruin for him FC Barcelona and confirms his ignorance in the football industry. Sad end of a president who had successes and lately errors, “said Tebas.

In the same line it was manifested Alekasanser Ceferin, president of the UEFA, because he sees the format of the Champions League: “It’s hard to think of a more egotistical and egotistical plot. It would ruin football and its world; for the players, the fans and all related to the world of football. All for the benefit of very few people. “

Nor should we forget the complaint from the president of the Netherlands Federation, Michael van Praag, in 2018. He accused Real Madrid of instigating the creation of a new competition to replace the Champions League: “It was a threat, but not from the Bayern Munichbut for the Real Madrid, and it was serious, they used words that I don’t want to repeat, “said Van Praag on” Kicker. “

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